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From this page you can purchase one year of access to some or all of the tools available in for yourself or for your team members. The most comprehensive and cost effective way to invest in your own development or that of others in your work and life is to purchase a one year subscription to everything currently available at If you are interested in using a select number of assessments and feedback reports, you may do that as well. Simply click on the “purchase” button next to any of the choices below. Once you have submitted all of your payment information, we will contact you within 48 hours with your password(s) and other information you need to get started.

If you would like to purchase access for your organization of 15 people or more, the easiest way to complete that process is to contact us directly by emailing us at

1 year comprehensive subscription to
Includes access to the Calling and Purpose Inventory, the Leading Under Pressure Inventory, the Strategic Networking Audit and Guide, the My Others Inventory, the Goals Going Deeper Inventory, and the Leadership Experience and learning Audit. Also included are eight personalized feedback reports providing a comprehensive overview of your development as it relates to each of the six Inventories, the free goal setting tool, and a personalized dashboard to help you to keep track of what you are learning, how you are developing as a leader, and others in whom you are investing. In addition, you will receive regular notifications, quick tips, and ideas to help you be more intentional about your development as a leader and as a person.

You may also purchase surveys individually:

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